Essential Guide to Facial Skin Care: Understanding and Nurturing Your Skin Type

Facial skin is one of the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of the human body, which requires appropriate care. In order to provide the skin with a suitable protection from external and internal factors, it is necessary to follow a few important rules.

First of all, it is important to determine your skin type. It can be normal, dry, oily or combined.

Most of all lucky owners of normal skin. It is not prone to the appearance of pimples or black dots. It is also smooth, matte and monotone, not prone to tightness. However, even this skin requires careful care. It includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing.

Dry facial skin does not have an oily sheen and imperceptible pores. Due to poor sebaceous gland function, the skin is very sensitive to temperature changes and other influences. It is very thin and dull, prone to roughness, capillaries are clearly visible. The use of nourishing products is mandatory.

Oily type of skin is the easiest to determine. Sebaceous glands work excessively intensively, making the skin shine almost immediately after washing. Such skin is most prone to the appearance of rashes, irritations, pimples and other defects, as in the enlarged pores gets dust, clogging them and not allowing the skin to fully breathe.

Girls with a combined type of skin is normal, and in the T – zone (forehead, nose, chin) – oily, these areas are defects, and on the cheeks appears flaking.

Any skin requires appropriate care, selected according to its individual characteristics. The main stages of skin care, which must necessarily be carried out twice a day, morning and evening, are:

  • Cleansing (thorough washing with the use of cleansers);
  • Toning (use of special toners);

Moisturizing (application of nourishing creams or fluids on the cleansed and prepared skin).

The first stage is necessary to cleanse the pores from dust and makeup residues. At night the sebaceous glands continue to work as actively as in the daytime, so morning cleansing is necessary to remove excess sebum and prepare the skin for further manipulations. During the day, dirt enters the pores and clogs them, so before going to bed it is also important to cleanse it to prepare it for the absorption of the cream. To remove makeup, it is necessary to use mousses, gels and foams, starting from the eye area.

Washing your face disrupts the acidity of the skin, so toning allows you to restore the pH level faster. In addition, toners increase the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients, preparing it for the subsequent application of cream. It is not recommended to use products containing alcohol, as they dry out the skin.

Moisturizing is necessary for any type of skin, but for oily and combination skin light creams and serums are used. For dry skin, it is desirable to use creams that include oils, hyaluronic acid and other nutrients. For normal skin, nourishing creams are selected according to the time of year and its current state.

No more than once a week it is necessary to exfoliate with the use of soft scrubs to remove dead skin particles. Their use is inadmissible in the presence of inflammation and any damage to the skin.

Also, on average, at the age of 25, the aging process starts in the body, so the selection of care cosmetics should be aimed at moisturizing the skin and slowing down its aging, because it is easier to postpone it than later to deal with the consequences.

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