Safe Transactions: How to Buy and Sell a Telegram Channel

Earning money on the Internet today is akin to a gold rush. Everyone is looking for simple ways to generate huge income, ideally without significant financial investment and time loss. Needless to say, such a wish is from the realm of fiction – for any tangible monetary returns, one needs to work hard. Today we will tell you how to buy a Telegram channel, whether it is worth investing in, and what the pitfalls in this sphere are.

How to Choose a Channel to Buy

If you can buy a ready-made Telegram channel with a large number of subscribers, why would you work hard to create a new public, develop it for months, and only then monetize it? In some cases, this approach is justified, but there are a few nuances to consider. There are very few high-quality Telegram channels for sale, and those currently on exchanges are often throwaway publics with a huge amount of scrolling. The owners created them solely for resale, meaning they did not genuinely invest in the quality of the audience and content. Such channels are definitely not worth buying.

Another situation might arise where someone has been managing a community for a long time, working on attracting “live” participants and creating interesting publications. At some point, they decide to stop working on the project, possibly switching to another topic. Their channel generates a certain income and is of sufficient quality in terms of promotion. Such a public, of course, deserves attention, but be prepared to spend a considerable amount. Compared to “garbage” channels, it is not cheap.

You should approach the deal of buying a Telegram channel very responsibly. Otherwise, there is a great risk of being left without money and without a public in the messenger. What criteria should be taken into account?

  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of views of publications
  • Sources of traffic
  • Audience growth graph
  • Advertising return

Note that it is necessary to analyze the information in aggregate. For example, how many views there were in relation to the number of people who subscribed to the channel. If the audience consists of 30 thousand people, and the posts are read by only 1 thousand participants, there is every reason to assume that there was a spoofing. Therefore, it’s often wiser to buy Telegram channel on website platforms that ensure the authenticity and quality of the channels being sold.

Conducting a deal

A deal to buy a Telegram channel can be conducted in different ways. We will look at the safest one – through a guarantor. This is a person or service that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller and monitors compliance with the agreement. All of the above sites refer to the guarantors. It will not be superfluous to read reviews on thematic forums, so you will be sure of the reliability of the chosen guarantor.

How to Buy and Sell a Channel in Telegram:

  1. Agree on the price with the seller. Of course, before this thoroughly check the public and analyze its parameters.
  2. Find a guarantor. Decide with him on the amount of commission (usually it is about 5% of the cost of the channel). As a rule, this fee is shared equally by both parties to the transaction, although no one prevents you to agree otherwise.
  3. Mediator creates a separate chat room. The mediator adds the seller and the buyer to this chat. This is where all the details of the deal will be agreed upon.
  4. Join the conversation at the agreed time. Then the seller transfers the channel to the guarantor of the sale. The buyer transfers money to the intermediary (or immediately to the seller, if it is more convenient). All their actions are displayed in the chat.
  5. Guarantor changes the owner of the community to the buyer. The guarantor then transfers the amount to the seller. At this point, the transaction is complete.

Important Considerations

  • To sell a community, the owner must have two-factor authentication set up, and this takes up to a week. Otherwise, you can sell the channel only with the account of its creator.
  • If you do not want to conduct the transaction through a guarantor, you can agree with the seller directly. For example, agree on a meeting where you give him the money and he the rights to manage the channel. The problem may be that you live very far from each other. Indeed, traveling from Novosibirsk to Moscow for the sake of acquiring a community for 10-20 thousand rubles is not a very sensible idea. But it is also not worth it to transfer money to someone else’s card under an online arrangement without any guarantee; it is better to give the commission to an intermediary and not worry about the transaction.

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