Revitalize Your Hair: Discover Salon Treatments for Healthier, Smoother Locks – Collagen, Keratin, and Botox Hair Care

No matter how many shampoos a girl puts on her hair with a laminating effect, she will still get the same hair. To make your locks healthier, you need to either look for the cause within or give yourself a salon treatment.

Collagen repair or straightening of hair

Women’s nature is arranged in such a way that if she is born with straight hair, she wants curls. And if she was born with curly hair, she dreams of straight locks. It often happens that they are porous and frizzy because of environmental factors: alcohol, smoking, stress, ecology. Therefore, scientists have developed a salon collagen care.

Collagen is a protein that is involved in building the body’s connective tissue. This includes hair, nails, eyelashes and skin. When properly applied by a master, collagen binds detached scales away from the hair shaft, making the hair smoother and stronger, and straightens it for a longer period of time. It prevents split ends and also gives a healthy shine. The collagen composition is safe for both the master and the client. The procedure is cumulative, so it is worth repeating it once every 1.5-2 months.

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Keratin hair straightening

A popular procedure for long-term hair straightening. It is considered a safer technique than the daily use of irons, blow dryers, sprays and sprays. Keratin is also great for porous, damaged hair. This is the condition they are usually in after bleaching to light colors. Keratin “seals” the pores, making the strands smoother. Also, a lot of dyed blondes dream of a lighter shade. Keratin hair straightening will help to become lighter by 2-3 tones.

Many keratin formulations contain formaldehyde, which converts to vapor at high temperatures. Formaldehyde vapor is toxic to the human body, so despite all the advantages of the procedure, you need to treat it with caution. And refuse keratin straightening with such a composition.

Botox for hair

The name of the procedure misleads many people. Many before consulting with a master or before independently familiarizing themselves with the details of Botox for hair think that this is an injectable procedure.

Botox is a mix of beneficial substances from oils to vitamins that will provide deep hair restoration. They will become shiny, smooth, manageable. And will comb well. Botox is often mixed with keratin composition to reduce the damaging effects of keratin.

Hair care after salon procedures

Shampoos that were bought in supermarkets contain aggressive components. They will destroy the composition and quickly wash it out. Therefore, girls should purchase sulfate-free care. Usually such products are presented either by professional care cosmetics stores or stores with organic cosmetics. Oil should also be excluded from your care – it corrodes keratin, botox and collagen. Masks and conditioners are also better to use sulfate-free with mild surfactants and, of course, without mineral oils.

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