The Truth About Bread in Your Diet: A Guide to Healthier Choices

Bread is not associated with the most dietary product. Moreover, more and more people are giving up bread and rolls because they are caloric and don’t make a huge contribution to our diet. In fact, of course, this is not entirely true. After all, bread comes in many different forms. Some of its types are less useful, some are more valuable.

Achieve beautiful shapes in the figure does not necessarily mean that you need to give up everything delicious, including bread. So don’t make hasty decisions and don’t give up bread altogether. Instead, consider eating good bread that can not only support your health but also help you lose weight. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out what kind of bread can help you lose weight.

Is it okay to eat bread while dieting?

If you’ve started losing weight, you’re probably wondering if you can eat bread on a diet. This is one of the most relevant questions because it is related to daily habits. After all, it’s hard to give up your morning sandwich or baguette. We will make you happy, bread can and should be eaten on a diet.

A small amount of bread is a great source of carbohydrates that we can’t throw out of our diet. Why? Because carbohydrates give us energy in the morning, nourish the brain and the whole body, and allow us to work efficiently. Carbohydrates, of course, are different – you should limit or completely eliminate simple sugars from your diet, replacing them with complex sugars. They are found precisely in good bread. Good bread, what kind of bread?

What kind of bread to eat on a diet?

Good bread is too general a word. It should be explained what kind of bread to eat on a diet, so that you do not worry about extra kilograms. First of all, it should not be wheat bread. Also from this category should be excluded toasted breads, which are characterized by high calories and low nutritional value. Why should wheat bread be excluded from the diet (not only for thinners)?

Light bread is made from refined wheat grains, which are devoid of any nutritional value. Baking from highly processed flour is clogging, does not have a beneficial effect on the body. Such products are full of empty calories, which allow you to quickly satisfy hunger, but add nothing else. And for weight loss you need a properly selected complex of vitamins. In addition, white bread is responsible for the rapid increase in blood sugar levels. Now you know that white bread should be excluded from a healthy diet.

So, what kind of bread should be eaten on a diet? Whole-grain bread – from coarse flour, even wheat bread from whole wheat flour is full of nutritional value, a large amount of carbohydrates, fiber and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals. Such baked goods have a positive effect on reducing bad cholesterol and even speed up metabolism due to the presence of fiber.

Whole-grain bread is much more hearty, so you won’t want to eat a lot of it to satiate yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to buy it because bakeries use various tricks to influence their customers’ buying decisions. So, let’s read the ingredients carefully and think about what we’re eating. And if you can’t find good whole grain bread, you can always bake it.

Of course, bread alone will not achieve a slim figure. It’s the work of a well-balanced diet that includes more than just good bread. It will also benefit from exercise, which has a significant impact on our figure and well-being. Choosing whole wheat bread is a very important step towards health and improved appearance. What kind of breads to include in your diet?

Whole-grain bread. As mentioned above, whole grain bread contains a high amount of whole grains and therefore fiber. It is this substance that supports metabolism and the digestive system. Such baked goods regulate the intestinal function and promote faster emptying of the intestines. In addition, whole-grain bread keeps the feeling of satiety longer, and this will prevent you from snacking often.

Sourdough bread is much healthier than bread made with added yeast. Why? Because sourdough is a fermented product and therefore contains lactic acid, which also supports proper intestinal function. Such baked goods will promote the development of good bacteria and destroy unwanted ones. Of course, a healthy gut supports immunity. Yeast bread is also delicious, but not so useful. It cooks faster and does not have the same properties as sourdough bread. So if you have a choice, always choose sourdough!

Sourdough bread recipes.

The recipe can be modified by you according to personal preference and taste, as well as what your nutritionist says. Perhaps some ingredients are not good for you or should not be in your diet. It’s always worth consulting a nutritionist. The recipe is simple and will come in handy in every home.
Start with the sourdough starter. Prepare a large jar with a lid. Pour in 30 grams of coarse flour and 30 milliliters of slightly warm water. Stir and set aside in a warm place. Each subsequent day, add as much water and flour to the sourdough starter as you did on the first day. This is called feeding the sourdough starter. On the fifth day it will be ready.

To make bread with this recipe, you will need 150 grams of rye sourdough starter, half a kilogram of rye flour and 450 milliliters of water. Pour the flour into a bowl, pour the water, add a pinch of salt and the rye sourdough starter. The mass will not be hard and elastic, but sticky. Pour it into a baking dish lined with baking paper. Sprinkle the cleaned sunflower seeds on top. Leave the dough covered with a cotton cloth for three hours. It should increase in size, but if it is growing slowly, you can leave it covered for another hour. Bake for one hour in a preheated oven at 210 degrees.

Simple, isn’t it? Eating good whole grain bread is enough to support your body and the weight loss process.

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