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Winter Skin Care: Essential Tips and Homemade Remedies for Healthy Skin

Winter is coming quickly, and no matter how much you prepare for frost, freezing winds and winter storms that burn your face and hands, your skin gets stressed and reacts with increased dryness, wrinkles, cracks and rashes. However, some simple and homemade remedies can significantly reduce the damaging effects of low temperatures, high humidity and dry air.

What simple remedies will allow the skin of the face and hands not to be afraid of cold weather, dry rooms and cold wind?

In order that the skin of the face is not afraid of frost and weathered, you should not scrub it excessively in winter. Natural sebum perfectly protects the skin from the negative effects of winter temperatures and high humidity combined with wind. If the skin still needs deep cleansing, it should be carried out on weekends, so that at least 24 hours do not appear on the street. The first days after any cleansing should be applied to the face fat cream, preferably children’s cream on herbs to which there is no allergy.

To soften the weathered skin of the face and hands need home masks, such as a mask with oatmeal and yolk, a mask of boiled potatoes with sour cream or cream, a mask with egg and honey. The compositions of these masks, despite their availability and simplicity, can work wonders.

Regular moisturizing of the skin, including the skin of the face and hands, will help to maintain its good condition even with the aggressive effects of the dry air of heated rooms. To do this, you should drink plenty of clean water, and from time to time moisturize the skin with special sprays or good neutral mineral water from an atomizer.

What should definitely be in the winter cosmetic bag?

Despite the fact that everyone’s preferences in cosmetics are different, there is a classic winter set that will help support the skin in winter.

The following is a must-have in your winter makeup bag:

  • Greasy cream
  • Micellar water or mineral water spray
  • A small bottle of clean water to maintain water balance
  • Hygienic nourishing lipstick
  • Vitamin “Aevit” for emergency application to cracked skin on hands, face or lips
  • Cotton disks for emergency neat makeup removal.

Winter lasts only three months, but if carelessly taken care of, it can offset all the beauty accumulated during the summer months. That’s why a thorough winter skin care regimen for hands and face is so essential, using the simplest and most affordable products available.

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